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We simplify the way software is being designed

We are experts in web design and content creation, Azure and AWS cloud solutions, and Microsoft 365 technologies.

We work closely with our customers and help them transform needs into business values by utilizing modern web technologies.


Microsoft 365 Architecture and Consultancy

Ten years, we've been a trusted advisor for Product Owners when it comes to SharePoint or Microsoft 365 solutions and migrations.

Business Process Automation

We leverage the power of PowerAutomate and Microsoft 365 to automate business processes in days instead of months.

Cloud App Architecture and Development

We specialize in Azure Cloud architecture and integrations and development. We know how to scale your Enterprise App.

Microsoft 365 Courses

Boost your productivity and collaboration skills by enrolling in our comprehensive Microsoft 365 online courses, tailored to help you master the suite's essential tools, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, Outlook and Word.

Cloud App Development Courses

Empower yourself with the essential skills to build, deploy, and scale cutting-edge cloud applications by enrolling in our Cloud App Development online course, offering expert guidance and hands-on experience across various leading cloud platforms.

Microsoft 365 Development Courses

Elevate your career by joining our Microsoft 365 development online course, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, customize, and deploy powerful applications and solutions within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

We simplify the way people manage their digital workspace

IceWolf Technology also works with organizations across industries to help them to embrace user-centricity. Although we position ourselves as experts in Web, Cloud and Microsoft 365 technologies, our core strengths extend in understanding user and business needs. We can help in transforming needs to values.

Velin Georgiev is a Microsoft Most Valuable ProfessionalVelin Georgiev is a certified Azure Solutions Architect ExpertVelin Georgiev is certified Amazon Web Services Solutions ArchitectVelin Georgiev is a certified Web Applicaitons professionalVelin Georgiev is a Microsoft Certified App Builder Professional

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